Michael Speaks out No. 10

Time is of the Essence

Hello, hope all is well. A considerable period of time ‎has elapsed since the posting of my last ‘blog’. Rest assured that this is not a function of having nothing to muse about…no, quite to the contrary. In plain english, I have been busier than the proverbial ‘one-armed paper hanger’! 

Gagnon & Law Urban Planners Ltd. has been pleasantly inundated with clients seeking our assistance on all-manner of projects located across the GTA. This is a good problem to have. We have been able to serve our growing client base by becoming fierce in the prioritization of how we use each and every minute of the each and every day. 

We are currently managing more than 50 active files from the firm’s two professional offices located in Brampton and Markham. We have been retained on a broad cross-section of development proposals; including everything from ‘single detached residential dwellings’ to ‘new car dealerships’ to ‘high-rise residential buildings’ to the ‘adaptive reuse of older industrial buildings’. 

The one thing that all the aforementioned projects have in common is clients who seek the services of urban planning professionals who understand the time-honoured credo that “time is of the essence”. In this respect, the principals and staff at Gagnon & Law Urban Planners Ltd. are mindful of the need to use time wisely, efficiently and in our client’s best interests. We know who we work for.

In a world that seems to be increasingly populated by professionals who have quite frankly gone ‘soft’, our no-nonsense approach to time management is highly valued. With this in mind, it’s back to the ‘grind’, not begrudgingly, but with a sense of pride and appreciation for our Clients who have rewarded our hard work with their patronage and loyalty. 

That’s it for now. Remember… “The only way you may succeed is if you try” (Yoda).

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