Michael Speaks out No.3

I had originally planned to muse about the role and function of the Ontario Municipal Board, but I have changed my mind. I wish to reflect on being Canadian. This is partially in response to news emanating from Quebec and debates which have been taking place regarding the Canadian flag.

I am a proud French Canadian who celebrates the diverse lineage of fellow Canadians.  I applaud the contributions of Canada’s Provinces and Territories. It warms my heart to see the Canadian flag.

I encourage Canadians from coast-to-coast to reflect on what we have accomplished as a Nation.  We should celebrate the cultures of the two founding nations, but be receptive to new Canadians and what they offer in terms of culture, traditions, knowledge and skills.

The Canadian flag should be a welcome sight to all Canadians, including the residents of Quebec. Quebecers must resist the overtures of the minority within their Province who wish to marginalize and isolate Quebec from the rest of Canada.  We must all guard against fanatical nationalistic pride.

Some Quebecers believe that the rest of Canada doesn’t care about them.  They are wrong.  Canadians care deeply about each other, regardless of where they live.

Canada is a nation of immigrants.  By way of example, the staff at Gagnon and Law Urban Planners Ltd. represent a broad cross-section of ethnicities; including:  French, English and Scottish Canadians, Romanian, German, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Jamaican and Trinidadian.

In terms of the Canadian flag, I invite my fellow Canadians to contact their elected officials to convey support for the display of the “Maple Leaf” from all Federal, Provincial and Municipal buildings.  I am proud to display the Canadian flag at home and at the office. Long live Canada! Vive le Canada!

That’s it for now. Remember…  “the only way you may succeed is if you try” (Yoda).

I invite you to keep your eyes open for Blog No.4 when I will indeed be speaking out on the “Ontario Municipal Board”.

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