Michael Speaks out No.8

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘change’ as “to make different”. Having practiced urban planning since 1984 I can testify to the importance of ‘change’. Gagnon & Law Urban Planners Ltd. has undergone name changes, ownership changes and staff changes. In the course of doing so the firm has become stronger than ever before. There is a very important caveat though. ‘Change’ for the sake of ‘change’ is of no value. ‘Change’ with a purpose is the key.

While ‘change’ is vital and necessary to staying relevant, I believe that staying true to certain indisputable truths is of equal if not greater importance. Just as the police are here to ‘serve and protect’ we at Gagnon & Law Urban Planners Ltd. are here to ‘serve and protect’ our Clients interests.

I have always sought to uphold the principles of ‘good planning’, but that is about to ‘change’. ‘Good planning’ alone is no longer going to make the grade … starting July 1st, 2014 Gagnon & Law Urban Planners Ltd. implemented a program aimed at undertaking and delivering the ‘best possible planning’. So, if ‘change’ is defined as “to make different” rest assured that Gagnon & Law Urban Planners Ltd. will be an agent of ‘change’ with a purpose, all in pursuit of the ‘best possible planning’.  

That’s it for now and remember… “The only way you may succeed is if you try.” (Yoda)

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